A Brief Instruction to the Mutianyu Great Wall
September 17, 2019

The Mutianyu Great Wall has a long history and splendid culture, which is 70 kilometers away from Beijing City. As one of the famous spots of the Great wall, the Mutianyu Great wall is the essence of the Great Wall of the Ming dynasty. It has its own unique architectural style. Zhengguantai is very rare because there are 3 watchtowers erected at one fortress. There are several sections in the northwestern part, known as the “Cow horns edge”, “Arrow” and “Eagles flying face up”, which are steep, towering and undulating, resembling a soaring dragon soar. In spring, flowers bloom; in summer, mountains are covered with green with spring water running underneath; in autumn, red leaves cover the whole mountain range, with fruits on the trees; in winter, snow falls and it is a pure white world, thus gaining its reputation of being the best part of the Great Wall at home and abroad.

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Website: http://www.mutianyugreatwall.com/


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