7th international and the 9th China-Japan Symposium on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
2014年10月20日-10月22日 Hangzhou Huabei Hotel, China
主办单位:The Committee of Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis of Chinese Chemical Society, The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis and Zhejiang University  承办单位:Zhejiang University
重要日期:  征稿截止2014年9月1日 

Welcome to Hangzhou City

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Kindly reminder: October is the peak tourist season, and the accommodation will be more scarce. So all attenders please make your reservations at one of Hotels as early as possible. We recommend the following hotels near the Huabei Hotel, the main meeting-place.
Hangzhou Jinxi Hotel (4-star) http://www.jinxi-hotel.com/
Hangzhou The new hotel (4-star) http://www.thenewhotel.com/
Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel (5-star) http://www.shangrilahotelhangzhou.com/     http://hz-shangrila.31td.com/



1. Introduction

The 7th international and the 9th China-Japan Symposium on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (CATS2014) will be held in Hangzhou (China) during Oct.20-22, 2014, which will be organized by The Committee of Chemical Thermodynamics andThermal Analysis of Chinese Chemical Society, The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis and Zhejiang University. The Symposium follows the tradition of the pervious series meetings held in Hangzhou, China (1986), Osaka, Japan (1990), Xi'an,China (1994), Tsukuba, Japan (1999), Lanzhou, China (2002), Fukuoka, Japan (2005), Dalian, China (2008), Tokyo, Japan (2011).

The CATS2014 will focus on recent development of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis researches in the world. Plenary lectures, keynote lectures, oral presentations and posters will be presented by the authors from Japan, China, and other Countries.

We have the pleasure to invite all of you to attend thegrandly symposium about Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis-CATS2014 and see you in Hangzhou, China, Oct.20-22, 2014.

2. Key Dates

Call for papers......................................Aug. 15, 2014
Abstract deadline....................................Sep. 1, 2014
Notification of acceptance....................Sep. 15, 2014
Final circular of scientific program........Oct. 1, 2014
Beginning of CATS2014......................Oct. 20, 2014

3. Sections

Ten theme sections are arranged as follows:
1 Solution and Reaction
2 Inorganic Materials, Ceramics and Metals
3 Organic Materials and Polymers
4 Surface, Interfaces and Colloid
5 Biothermodynamics, including Pharmaceuticaland Medical Applications
6 Heat Capacity and Phase Transitions
7 Environment and Energy
8 Thermodynamic Databases and Simulation
9 Instruments and Methods
10 Others

 4. Programmes & Publications

The program consists of Plenary Lectures, contributed papers either in oral or poster presentations. In case of any cancel of papers or newly submitted papers, the final and complete scientific programme will be notified soon before the Symposium.

All the Abstracts for the oral or poster presentations will be evaluated by the scientific committees. Once the Abstract is accepted, a notification of acceptance will be sended to you. An Abstract example can be downloaded herein, please click /newfiles/files/2014/07/Abstract.doc.

 5. Registration 

CATS2014 registration will take place at the Lobby of the Huabei Hotel from 13:00 to 20:00 on Oct. 20, 2014 (Monday). The information desk of CATS2014 will open from 08:00 to 18:00 on each meeting day. If you have any question during the Symposium, please feel free to contact the information desk.

For early planning purpose, everybody who wish to participate in CATS2014, including the Keynotes peakers, are encouraged to do the registration (Please send registration form directly to cats2014@yeah.net  for your convenience, which will be released via a website link herein ) at your earliest time.

 Registration Fee (includes: welcome party,lunch,dinner and conference banquet during the Symposium.)

  Before Sep.1,2014    After Sep.1,2014

Regular participant



Student participant



Accompanying person



  The payment method and other information will be released herein

6. Conference Schedule


10.21 AM

10.21 PM

10.22 AM

10.22 PM

Registration and

Welcome Cocktail

Opening Session and Plenary Lectures

Oral Presentations and Posters

Oral Presentations and Posters

Plenary Lectures and Closing Session


7. Venue and Accommodations
The CATS2014 will be held in the Hangzhou Huabei Hotel, located in the Northeast of the West Lake Scenic Attraction Area. The West Lake, reputed as the Pearl of China, is among Top Ten Resorts in China.

Recommend Accommodations

Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel (5-star) is about 700 meters distant from Huabei Hotel.


8. Transportation
8.1 International Transportation

The organizing committee is not responsible for arranging airtransportationfor the registrants between their own countriesand Hangzhou. Registrants must make their own arrangements for air transportation. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is an international airport. There are many airlines directly to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, etc. National airlines, which are directly connected to international airlines are available at: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. For appropriate flights information correspond to the country you are from, please contact your nearest travel agency.

8.2 Local Transportation
The organizing committee is not responsible for arranging scheduled local public transportation for the registrants between Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and Hangzhou Huabei Hotel, which is 40 kms. All the registrants should make their own local transportation in the city. Travel by taxi is the most convenient and fastest option for the journey from the airport to Hangzhou Huabei Hotel. Whenever you arrive at the airport, there are always many taxis waiting at the airport to pick up passengers. Hangzhou is not only famous for charming natural scenery but also for large numbers of taxis and the cheapest taxis cost: 3.50RMB per Km with base price 10.00 RMB! It is about 130RMB (US$20-25) from the Airport to the hotels by taxi. Additionally, all the city bus cost ranges from 1.00 RMB to 2.00 RMB. Please prepare some changes in advance for taxi fee or city bus cost in the staying in Hangzhou. There is Exchanging Office at the airport. The notes above may help you in taking a taxi to the hotel.

9. Correspondence
  10.1  Registration, Accommodation & Touring

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