March 25, 2019


Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center is a red circular building and the main building has an antique beauty of the Han and Tang dynasties in an unrestrained style. It is located in Yanqi Lake Demonstration Zone of Ecological Development in Huairou District, Beijing. The center enjoys a beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and Convenient Transportation.


The Yanqi Lake next to the center is a national AAAA level scenic spot. Flocks of wild geese come to the lake every spring and autumn and hence the lake is named Yanqi (literally meaning “where the wild geese rest” in Chinese). Cranes, swans and other rare birds live in this clear and beautiful lake. Pine, poplar and other rare trees and flowers are scattered on the banks. The resort has different views throughout the year. In addition, it neighbors with the magnificent scenery of the Mutianyu Great Wall and Hongluo Temple. Yanqi Lake Demonstration Zone of Ecological Development is a major industrial demonstration project approved by the Beijing municipal government. The zone is a world-class exhibition and conference area with Chinese characteristics, and is capable of hosting large international conference, exhibition and large-scale high-end business activities. The zone adheres to the perfect fusion of international standards and traditional culture and therefore a very strong cultural atmosphere can be felt in the zone.


The 20th APEC meeting, the 5th Beijing International Film Festival and the 5th World Hydropower Congress have made the zone with both natural sceneries and cultural beauty known around the world, and it has become a new destination in Beijing.


Regarding to GreenChina2019, this center adheres to the "low-carbon and green technology innovation" concept. It is the first "zero carbon" center in China that has held an international summit. Through the use of various high technologies, the overall energy-saving rate has reached 69 percent and the renewable energy utilization rate has reached 35 percent. The center has also greatly improved the utilization of the building space by adopting sunken squares, which also facilitates the natural ventilation and lighting.


Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center
No. 16 Yanqi Lake West Road, Huairou District, Beijing, China

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