March 28, 2019


Organizer: Chinese Chemical Society 



The Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) is an academic organization formed by Chinese Chemists of their own accord with the purpose of uniting Chinese Chemists at home and abroad to promote the development of chemistry in China.

The CCS was founded during a meeting of preeminent chemists in Nanjing on August 4, 1932. It currently has more than 60,000 individual members and 146 organizational members. There are 7 Divisions covering the major areas of chemistry: physical, inorganic, organic, polymer, analytical, applied and chemical education, as well as 27 Commissions, including catalysis, computational chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, organic solid chemistry, environmental chemistry, and many other sub-fields of the chemical sciences. The CCS also has 10 committees, including the Woman’s Chemists Committee and Young Chemists Committee. More on the CCS governance can be found here.


Co-organizer: Elsevier


Since Elsevier was founded as a small Dutch publisher in 1880, the world and the way we share information has been subject to constant change. In our journey to become a modern-day global information analytics business, Elsevier has always anticipated and adapted itself to the challenges ahead. In doing so, however, we have remained true to our core values. Whether it be through the publication of an encyclopedia or by helping scientists make important decisions, Elsevier’s purpose is to play an integral role in the progression of knowledge.

Elsevier's history reflects a series of collaborations in the effort to advance science and health. These publishing collaborations with a group of scientific visionaries – ranging from Jules Verne to Stephen W. Hawking – created the foundation of scientific and medical publishing. From a traditional firm that produced static text and images, Elsevier has evolved into a business that actively leverages technology to help science and health professionals make critical decisions in all facets of their work. As the company moves forward, our founding motto remains apt: Non Solus – Not Alone.


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