Program at Glance of Green China 2019

Plenary lectures program of Green China 2019

Keynote,Invited and Oral presentation program of Green China 2019

Poster  Session  program of Green China 2019

Session: Keyword:
Time No. Speaker Title
Oct 17, 2019 Opening Ceremony & Plenary Lectures (I)
Venue: Grand Ballroom Host: Buxing Han/Vania Zuin
08:50 PL-001 Chen-Ho Tung A Potential Strategy for Green Synthesis 一 Photocatalysis“
09:30 PL-002 Klaus Kümmerer From green chemistry to chemistry for a circular economy to chemistry for sustainability
10:10 PL-003 Chao-Jun Li Towards “Green Chemical Synthesis”
10:50 PL-004 Yuliang Zhao Nanosafety for Green Nanotechnology
11:30 PL-005 James Clark Towards a Circular Economy using Green Chemistry
Oct 17, 2019 Session 1 Green catalysis and biocatalysis
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 1-P-001 Haiyan An High-efficient Selective Oxidation of Various Thioethers Catalyzed by Organic Ligands Modified Polyoxometalates
12:30 1-P-002 Xiaofeng Wang Hydrogenolysis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-dimethylfuran over supported Pt-Co bimetallic catalysts under mild conditions
12:30 1-P-003 Yuting Gao Iodide/H2O2 Catalyzed Intramolecular Oxidative Amination for the Synthesis of 3,20-Pyrrolidinyl Spirooxindoles
12:30 1-P-004 Zelin Li Environmentally friendly metal nickel-catalyzed regioselective alkylation of C–H bond without any extraneous directing group under solvent-free condition: an economic and green cross dehydrogenative coupling of sp2C-H bond with sp3C-H bond
12:30 1-P-005 CHENLIN LU Substrate diffusion pathways and dynamics of Candida Antarctica Lipase B: Molecular dynamics with Markov state model
12:30 1-P-006 qing zhang Promoting effect of cellulose on the CO oxidation over the Pd/Al2O3 catalyst
12:30 1-P-007 Ye Danfeng The Exploration of Transition-Metal-Free Esterification of N-Benzyl-N-Boc-Amide at Room Temperature
12:30 1-P-008 Xiaoquan Yao Visible-light-induced Povarov tandem reaction: synthesis of 2-arylquinoline through alcohol and N-benzylanilines under mild condition via Ag/g-C3N4 catalyst
12:30 1-P-009 Ping Zhu Tuning the pore structure of zeolites for catalytic glucose transformations
12:30 1-P-010 Limei YU Preparation of novel bifunctionalized ionic liquids and their catalysis in the synthesis of bisphenol fullorenone and bisphenol A
12:30 1-P-011 Bo Wang Efficient and mild reductive amination of carbonyl compounds catalyzed by dual-function palladium nanoparticles
12:30 1-P-012 SAFIA MEMON A New Green Approach in the Synthesis of Biomass Waste Derived Catalyst for Biodiesel Production
12:30 1-P-013 TEJPAL SINGH CHUNDAWAT Biogenically synthesized silver nanoparticles from green algae (Botryococcus braunii) and its catalytic behavior for the synthesis of benzimidazoles
12:30 1-P-014 Zhiqiang Wu Synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes under dry grinding conditions, promoted by a LASSC nanocatalyst
12:30 1-P-015 Shagufta Kamal Alkaline Protease Production Using Response Surface Methodology, Characterization and Industrial Exploitation of Alkaline Protease of Bacillus subtilis sp.
12:30 1-P-016 Khushbu Gupta Bio-inspired Synthesis of Platinum Nanoparticles from Fungus Fusarium Oxysporum: its Characteristics, Potential Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Photocatalytic Activities
12:30 1-P-017 Giovanna Bosica Revisiting multicomponent reactions under new green conditions
12:30 1-P-018 Yan Hao Rapid formation of nitrogen-doped carbon foam by self-foaming as metal-free catalyst for selective aromatic alkanes oxidation
12:30 1-P-019 Jiawei Li Advanced Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation System Achieved by a Robust Metal-Organic Framework through All-in-one Strategy
12:30 1-P-020 Fengxi Li Synthesis of indolizines via a multicomponent reaction catalyzed by hemoglobin
12:30 1-P-021 Shanshan Zhang Rapid Construction of Structurally Diverse Quinolizidines, Indolizidines and Their Analogues via Ruthenium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Cascade Hydrogenation/Reductive Amination
12:30 1-P-022 Gabriel Oladipo Photocatalytic activity of mixed matrix membranes for degradation of anionic dye
12:30 1-P-023 Biruk Abate Synthesis and Characterization of Carbonaceous Solid Acid Catalyst from Bamboo for Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Sugarcane Bagasse to Produce Reduced Sugar in Ethiopia
12:30 1-P-024 Huihui Wang Hydrogen generation from nano-liquid formic acid dehydrogenation catalyzed by a bifunctional catalyst
12:30 1-P-025 Katja Hellendahl Biocatalytic synthesis of 2-Se-modified nucleosides
12:30 1-P-026 Xiaoxi Guo Oxygen Vacancy Facilitated Heterogeneous Fenton-like Degradation of Anthraquinones-containing H2O2 Production Effluent by Layered Co-Cu Hydroxides
12:30 1-P-027 Jun Wang Mutated GH78 α-L-rhamnosidases with improved properties for microfluidic biofilm catalysis
12:30 1-P-028 Anirudh Sharma Generation of biodiesel from acid oil using whole-cell catalysis
12:30 1-P-029 Wenyao Zhen Multi-Caged IrOx for Facile Preparation of Oxygen Self-Sufficient “Six-in-One” Nanoagent for Tumor Therapy against Recurrence and Metastasis
12:30 1-P-030 Ruixia Ding Preparation of Allyl Isothiocyanate by Orthogonal Optimization Hydrolysis
12:30 1-P-031 Chunlin Chen In-situ germinating nanomaterials on metal foam: the outstanding bifunctional catalysts for energy-saving simultaneous reactions
12:30 1-P-032 chongchong chen Green organic solvent modified the Cu/SiO2 catalyst for the hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to the ethylene glycol
12:30 1-P-033 Panpan Guo Oxidative dehydrogenation of Propane with CO2 over FexOy-NixOy, FexOy-CoxOy, Fe-CexOy supported BNO Catalyst
12:30 1-P-034 Manli Hua Ambient-temperature reductive amination of carbonyl compounds to primary amines over partially reduced RuO2
12:30 1-P-035 Dayna M. Ortiz-Rodríguez Synthesis and characterization of cobalt, iron and ruthenium catalysts for the production of synthetic diesel
12:30 1-P-036 Chloée Bournaud Synthesis and applications of chiral catalysts and ionic liquids derived from biomass
12:30 1-P-037 Qiying Liu Direct cellulose hydrogenolysis to ethanol over Ni@C combined with H3PO4 catalysts in water
12:30 1-P-038 Yong Yang Catalytic oxidation of 1,3-dichloroacetone with H2O2 in gas-liquid systems using micro-reactor
Venue: Functional Hall A Host: Peng Wu, Hengquan Yang
14:30 1-KN-001 Feng-Shou Xiao Green Synthesis of Zeolites and Zeolite-Based Green Catalysts
15:00 1-I-001 Hengquan Yang Pickering Emulsion Interfacial Catalysis
15:25 1-I-002 Feng Wang Ceria-based catalysts for multi-component coupling reactions
15:50 1-O-001 Wen-Juan Zhou AuCu/CeO2 bimetallic catalysts for the selective oxidation of fatty alcohol ethoxylates to alkyl ether carboxylic acids
16:05 1-O-002 Qingle Zeng Carbon-heteroatom cross-coupling of benzylic quaternary ammonium salts
Venue: Functional Hall A Host: Fengshou Xiao, Feng Wang
16:40 1-I-003 Congyang Wang Manganese-Catalyzed Organometallic C−H Bond Activation
17:05 1-O-003 Mingdong Zhou Efficient and Step-economic Synthesis of Functionalized Arenes via C-H Bond Activations
17:20 1-O-004 Zhanhui Yang Iridium-Catalyzed Highly Efficient Transfer Hydrogenation in Water
Oct 17, 2019 Session 2 Green reactions, sustainable materials and products
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 2-P-001 CHUANGUANG QIN Green and Sustainable Chemistry of Peptide Synthesis Mediated by Organophosphorus-containing Supports
12:30 2-P-002 Yanlong Qi Production of a renewable 1,3–diene containing a functional group from furfural–acetone adduct over ceria–based catalyst
12:30 2-P-003 Jianxiao Li Palladium-catalyzed cascade heterocyclization of alkynes in ionic liquids
12:30 2-P-004 Xiaoyang Jin Ruthenium-Catalyzed Decarboxylative C-H Alkenylation in Aqueous Media: Synthesis of Tetrahydropyridoindoles
12:30 2-P-005 Chunyan Zhong Stability and bacterial cellulose production of Gluconacetobacter xylinus in a bioreactor modified with mesh
12:30 2-P-006 Bo Li Metal-free construction of C-N bond via a novel zolinium
12:30 2-P-007 JING WEI Functional mesoporous materials constructed from plant polyphenol building blocks
12:30 2-P-008 Adeel Ahmad Hassan Green chemistry towards transforming waste tire rubber into novel plasticizer with soybean oil through natural oxidation
12:30 2-P-009 Shumei Xia Synthesis of Acrylic Derivatives from Alkynes with Formic Acid
12:30 2-P-010 Liu Jiawei Simulated synthesis of Lorocaserin intermediates
12:30 2-P-011 Shuangchun Lyu The synthesis of zeolites with high specific surface area and micropore volume for VOCs adsorption
12:30 2-P-012 qing du Study on Biochemical Process Mechanism about the Assay of Flavonoids with Specific Structures by Al(NO3)3 Ultraviolet colorimetry Detection
12:30 2-P-013 Yurong Chen Preparation of polysulfides based on renewable oil resources for removal of heavy metal mercury
12:30 2-P-014 Jie An SET Reductive Deuteration: a Green Strategy for the Synthesis of Deuterium Labeled Compounds
12:30 2-P-015 Cai Le Synthesis of N-propargyloctanolactam
12:30 2-P-016 Lulu Wang Multi-armed functional monomers bearing urea and norbornene and their application in molecularly imprinted polymers
12:30 2-P-017 Letao Zhang Synthesis and performance evaluation of modified plant-based lubricating base oil
12:30 2-P-018 Hengzhao Li Reductive Deuteration and Deuterated Agrochemicals
12:30 2-P-019 Hongru Li Reductive functionalization of carboxylic acid with nucleophiles: An indirect utilization of CO2
12:30 2-P-020 Shihui Luo Green ammonia-free Birch reduction
12:30 2-P-021 Tao Wang Study on the synthesis of di(prop-2-yn-1-yl)leucine
12:30 2-P-022 Wenjuan Zhu Preparation and optimization of geopolymer based on alkali activation of Xinjiang fly ash
12:30 2-P-023 Hua Wei Self-adhesion multi-response ionic conductive polysaccharide-based hydrogel and sensor
12:30 2-P-024 Yannan Wang The conversion of methane to ethanol catalyzed by Ni-Cu/MoOx
12:30 2-P-025 Qingguo Wang An advanced Biodegradable Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers
12:30 2-P-026 Rotimi Arise Green synthesis, efficacy and safety evaluation of quinine-zinc complex in mice
12:30 2-P-027 Dr. Dharmendra Singh To develop a new composite material by Human hair and PVC for commercial use
12:30 2-P-028 Zhenning Lou Imidazolium ionic liquid polymer for selective adsorption of TcO4-or ReO4-
12:30 2-P-029 dongsoo koh Natural flavonoids and their green chemical conversions into heterocyclic derivatives which show anti-cancer properties.
12:30 2-P-030 Chengguo Liu High-performance unsaturated (poly)ester resins and their nanocomposites derived from plant oils
12:30 2-P-031 Fu-hua Wei Green Synthesis and characterization of metal–organic frameworks fabricated by microwave-assisted ball milling for adsorptive removal of Pollution from wastewater
12:30 2-P-032 Mohamed El-Borai A Novel and Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Fused Heterocyclic Compounds with Potential Biological Activities
12:30 2-P-033 Jingyun Jiang Poly-quasi-eutectic solvents (PQESs): versatile solvent for dissolving metal oxides
12:30 2-P-034 lei ning Synthesis and bioactivity of green pesticides based on Azamacrolide compounds containing carbamate or urea moiety
12:30 2-P-035 Hongwei Yang Leveraging Industry-academia collaborations: Innovation leading to disruptive, green technologies via micelle-enabled chemistry
12:30 2-P-036 Shennan Wang TEMPO-oxidized delignified wood: hierarchical structured scaffold for functional materials
12:30 2-P-037 Wen-Long Wang Continuous flow synthesis of amides from carboxylic acids promoted by N,N’-carbonyldiimidazole
12:30 2-P-038 Tongxiang Cao Cascade Claisen Rearrangement: Mechanism, Active Species Perturbing/ Traping and Application in Total Synthesis
12:30 2-P-039 li liu Ruthenium-Catalyzed Decarboxylative C-H Alkenylation in Aqueous Media: Synthesis of Tetrahydropyridoindoles
12:30 2-P-040 Behrooz Mirza A green synthesis of 4H-chromene derivatives via one-pot, three-component reaction using magnetic nano catalyst
12:30 2-P-041 Jun Du Ionic liquid as an efficient promoting medium for synthesis of acetic acid by carbonylation of methanol
12:30 2-P-042 Muhammad Imran Study of Chemically Synthesized Rare-earth Terbium Substituted BaM Hexagonal ferrites
12:30 2-P-043 Weiran Yang Iodide Mediated Biomass Conversion
12:30 2-P-044 Mingyang Liu Nitrogen Dioxide Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Cleavage of C(OH)−C Bond in Secondary Alcohols to Produce Acids
12:30 2-P-045 Jianxiao Li Palladium-catalyzed cascade heterocyclization of alkynes in ionic liquids
Venue: Grand Ballroom B Host: Janusz Pawliszyn, Ning Yan
14:30 2-KN-001 Liangnian He CO2 Chemistry-on a way towards green synthetic chemistry
15:00 2-I-001 Ying Wan Experimentally measurable surface d charge as a descriptor for catalyst activity
15:25 2-I-002 Huanfeng Jiang Transition Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative Reactions with Green Oxidants
15:50 2-O-001 Salla Koskela Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) enabled green production of cellulose nanofibers from holocellulose
16:05 2-O-002 Yong Jin Kim Various aspects of selenium as catalyst for oxidative/reductive carbonylation of various of substrates
Venue: Grand Ballroom B Host: Liang-Nian He, Chanjuan Xi
16:40 2-I-003 Elia Psillakis Emerging and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Aquatic Environment: An Ever-Growing Problem
17:05 2-O-003 Mahmoud Ibrahim Mechanistic Insights into the "On-water”Diels-Alder Reaction of 2-4-hexenylacetate and N-propylmaleimide: Experimental and Theoretical Approach
17:20 2-O-004 MeiYan Wang Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reductive Coupling of Alkynes with Formic Acid
Oct 17, 2019 Session 3 Energy conversion and storage
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 3-P-001 Keyao Zhu Study on the conversion of jatropha oil by nickel-tungsten bimetallic catalysts on different supports
12:30 3-P-002 Jing Liu Flexible polymer-based composite hydrogel fiber towards thermoelectric energy harvesting
12:30 3-P-003 Jing Dong Iron and cobalt dispersed on a nitrogen-phosphorus co-doped hierarchically macro-/mesoporous carbon for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction
12:30 3-P-004 Wenjun Ding Fabrication of intercalated TiS2 thermoelectric film via the self-assembly of colloid
12:30 3-P-005 Youfa Liu Solution-processed highly conductive organic-inorganic composite fibers for energy harvesting
12:30 3-P-006 Xueli Jiang One-pot synthesis of Cu3SnS4 and Cu3SnS4/RGO nanocomposites with superior anode performance for lithium-ion batteries
12:30 3-P-007 Wen Sun A simple one-pot synthesis of a reduced graphene oxide coated SnS2 composites (SnS2@rGO) as high-performance and stable anodes for lithium-ion batteries
12:30 3-P-008 Zairan Wang Preparation and electrochemical properties of novel raspberry-like silicon-carbon composite microspheres
12:30 3-P-009 Zhenhui Hu A novel grape clusters-like Yolk-shell Si/C Composites as Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
12:30 3-P-010 Fengtao Zhang Highly efficient CO2 conversion to ethylene through Cu2O/C nanocrystals
12:30 3-P-011 Kezhong Wu Synthesis of V2O3@C composite materials as counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells by single step reduction with soluble starch
12:30 3-P-012 Liming Xu Using ammonia and 5-nitroindole as co-nitrogen source to hugely boost the capacitance performance of crumpled nitrogen-rich few-layer graphene
12:30 3-P-013 Linan Yang Fluorine doped graphite with enhanced electrochemical performance for K-ion batteries
12:30 3-P-014 Jianjiao Wang FeS2 nanoparticles/monodisperse graphene nanaosheets hybrid as high performance anode material of sodium-ion batteries
12:30 3-P-015 Gregory Spaulding Magnetic Energy Oscillator for Output Power Source (MEOOPS)
12:30 3-P-016 Yichao Huang Atomically engineering activation sites onto Mo2C and 1T-MoS2 catalysts for enhanced electrochemical hydrogen evolution
12:30 3-P-017 Lipeng Zhang Catalytic origin and universal descriptors of heteroatom-doped photocatalysts for solar fuel production
Venue: Functional Hall B Host: Paul Fennell, Xianfeng Li
14:30 3-KN-001 Lin Zhuang Principle, Progress, and Challenge of Alkaline Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
15:00 3-I-001 Qiang Zhang Emerging Energy Chemistry of Li Metal Anode for Rechargeable Batteries
15:25 3-I-002 Weilin Xu Single-Atom Electrocatalysts for Energy Process
15:50 3-O-001 Samarjeet Singh Siwal High performance palladium supported catalyst on 2-aminodiphenyl amine for electro-oxidation of methanol under alkaline condition
16:05 3-O-002 INOM NORMATOV Hydrogen production by conversion of idle water discharges from reservoirs
Venue: Functional Hall B Host: Qiang Zhang, Aibing Chen
16:40 3-I-003 Zhenyu Sun Modification of electrocatalysts for efficient electrochemical CO2 reduction
17:05 3-O-003 Kui Xie Crystalline Materials & Catalysis
17:20 3-O-004 Zhong-Shuai Wu Graphene based materials for micro energy storage devices
Oct 17, 2019 Session 4 Photochemistry, photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 4-P-001 Zhaohui Huang Preparation of Dark Carbonized Nitrogen by Dodecyltrimethylammonium Bromide for Enhance Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Efficiency
12:30 4-P-002 Huali Wang In-situ formed MIL-101 passivation layer modifying α-Fe2O3 for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
12:30 4-P-003 Yingying Du The Synthesis of Bimetallic Doped Carbon Nitride Photocatalyst with Enhanced Activity of Hydrogen Generation
12:30 4-P-004 feng xiao Ti-doped α-Fe2O3 composite MOFs heterojunction applied to photoanode
12:30 4-P-005 Haiyang Wu Efficient charge separation by 2D Ni-MOFs loaded Ti3C2 nanosheets for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
12:30 4-P-006 Jingwang Cui Selective oxidation of alcohols photocatalyzed by a 4′-(4-pyridyl)-2,2′:6′,2′′-terpyridinium-based complex
12:30 4-P-007 Jingnan Zhao Visible light mediated switchable selectivity in C-O, C-C and C-S bond formation induced by disulfide
12:30 4-P-008 zongyi Yu Rose Bengal used as bifunctional catalyst: visible light-mediated Friedel–Crafts alkylation of indoles and nitroalkenes in water
12:30 4-P-009 Shuai Tan A quasi-solid liquid crystal gel electrolyte for efficient and stable dye sensitized solar cells
12:30 4-P-010 Taizhong Huang Photo-electrochemical catalysis of fluorine-doped amorphous TiO2 nano-tube-array for water splitting
12:30 4-P-011 Jeet Chakraborty Hierarchical Porous Organic Polymers for Visible Light and Natural Sunlight Induced Rapid Degradation of Organic Pollutants in a Unique Mechanistic Pathway
12:30 4-P-012 Ipsita Nath Porous Organic Polymer as Efficient Visible Light Harvesting Platform for Mott-Schottky Junction Mediated Instantaneous Suzuki Coupling
12:30 4-P-013 Fei Deng Bromide Induced Room‐Temperature Formation of Photoactive Formamidinium‐Based Perovskite for High‐Efficiency, Low‐Cost Solar Cells
12:30 4-P-014 Yaming Tian Selective Photocatalytic C-F Borylation of Polyfluoroarenes by Rh/Ni Dual Catalysis Providing Valuable Fluorinated Arylboronate Esters
12:30 4-P-015 Xiaobo Yang Covalent organic frameworks: a sustainable photocatalyst for visible-light-driven organic transformations
12:30 4-P-016 Kaihong Chen Photochemical CO2 reduction by rhenium catalysts with ionized second coordination sphere
12:30 4-P-017 Huanling Xie Low-temperature plasma-loaded nanosheets of graphene provide oxygen to water bodies
12:30 4-P-018 Shi Tang Visible-Light-Induced Atom Transfer Radical Addition and Cyclization of Perfluroroalkyl Halides with 1,n-Enynes
12:30 4-P-019 ALLIKAYALA RAMACHANDRAIAH Synthesis and Spectral, Structural and Electrochemical Characterization and Spectroelectrtochemical Studies of the Kinetics of Hydrolysis of a New Schiff base
12:30 4-P-021 Da-Peng Yang Carbonate radical mediated eggshell-based PbS/CaCO3 hybrids for full-spectrum solar photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic
12:30 4-P-022 Feng Zhou Contribution of Bias Voltage to Photoelectric Stability of TiO2 Nanotube Array
12:30 4-P-023 Xianlong Zhang Surfactant-free, water-assisted synthesis of {001}-facet-exposed BiOCl nanoflowers with enhanced adsorption and photodegradation of rhodamine B
12:30 4-P-024 Xixiong Jin Construction of a photo-excited electron transfer hyperchannel in metal-support interface
12:30 4-P-025 Luis-Germán López-Valdez Photoinduced synthesis of 3H-indazole 3-substituted: The old photochemistry of 1-aminobenzotriazole derivatives, under modern conditions
12:30 4-P-026 Xilian Wei Rheological properties of multiple - response wormlike micelle system
Venue: Report Hall 1 Host: Li-Zhu Wu, Zhaosheng Li
14:25 开幕式
14:30 4-KN-001 Kevin Sivula Materials For Robust, Inexpensive And High Performance Photoelectrochemical Fuel Production
15:00 4-I-001 Chengjian Zhu Photoredox Catalyzed Inert Bond Functionalization
15:25 4-I-002 Gang Liu Solar-Driven Photocatalyst: Red TiO2
15:50 4-O-001 Dawei Ding Fast Charge Transfer in Hematite Assisted by Titanium-nanorod Arrays for Enhanced Activity in Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
16:05 4-O-002 Vien Vo Synthesis and catalytic performance of g-C3N4-based photocatalysts
16:20 coffee break
Venue: Report Hall 1 Host: Gang Liu, Chengjian Zhu
16:40 4-I-003 Tierui Zhang Layered Double Hydroxide Based Photocatalysts for Solar Fuels and Value-added Chemicals
17:05 4-O-003 KIM JUNGKEUN The Application of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Anode or DSSC System in Organic Synthesis via a Photo(electro)catalytic Process
17:20 4-O-004 RUN LONG Photoexcitation Dynamics in Perovskite Solar Cells
17:35 4-O-005 Zhiming Bai A Cu2O-ZnO tandem photoelectrochemical cell for self-driven solar water splitting
Oct 17, 2019 Session 5 Utilization of CO2
Venue: Functional Hall E Host: Xianhong Wang, Guoxiong Wang
14:30 5-KN-001 Yuhan Sun Highly selective conversion of CO2 to Chemicals and fuels
15:00 5-I-001 Benjamin Buckley Selective Hydrocarboxylation of Alkenes
15:25 5-I-002 Qun Xu Fabrication of Functional Quasi-metallic NixMoO3 Nanodots with Assistance of Supercritical CO2
15:50 5-O-001 Chaojun Cui The study on Ni/HTASAO5 Catalyst with Mn as promoter for carbon dioxide reforming of methane
16:05 5-O-002 Yunlong Yang In situ capturing and conversion CO2 into polycarbonates
Venue: Functional Hall E Host: Benjamin Buckley, Qun Xu
16:40 5-I-003 王献红 New Polymers from CO2 Polymer Chemistry
17:05 5-O-003 Hai-Jian Yang Highly efficient solventless synthesis of cyclic carbonates from carbon dioxide and epoxides catalyzed by new bimetallic bismuth complexes
17:20 5-O-004 Safak Bulut Diamine/Imidazolinium Based Ligands and Resulting Metal-Organic Frameworks for CO2 Separation and Conversion
17:35 5-O-005 Haiyang Cheng Synthesis of polyurea directly from CO2 with diamines and their high performances
Oct 17, 2019 Session 6 Bioresources and utilization of biomass
Venue: Grand Ballroom A Host: Changwei Hu, Kevin C.-W. Wu
14:30 6-KN-001 Vania Zuin Bioresources and valorization of fruit waste in Brazil: perspectives based on green and sustainable technologies
15:00 6-I-001 Hanping Chen Development of biomass pyrolysis polygeneration and the high value utilization
15:25 6-I-002 Shicheng Zhang Catalytic degradation of agricultural and forestry wastes to high value-added chemicals
15:50 6-O-001 Jiajun Fan Microwave Activation of Biomass
Venue: Grand Ballroom A Host: Yves Queneau, Hanping Chen
16:40 6-I-003 Kevin C.-W. Wu Water-based Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Derived Catalysts for Lignocellulosic Biomass Conversion
17:05 6-O-002 Cheng-Meng Chen Biomass derived Porous Carbon for Electrochemical Capacitive Energy Storage
17:20 6-O-003 Zhi Li Functionalization of Natural and Synthetic Polycarboxylates By Catalytic C–O Cleavage
Oct 17, 2019 Session 7 Sustainable chemistry in the environment and health
Venue: Meeting Room 106 Host: Yuliang Zhao, Haiyuan Zhang
14:30 7-KN-001 Nicholas Gathergood Atom economy, biodegradation, catalysis and green toxicology: Tools for the delivery of green chemistry based on ionic liquids for biomass valorisation
15:00 7-I-001 Sijin Liu Silver Nanoparticles Compromise Female Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation through Disturbing X Chromosome Inactivation
15:25 7-I-002 Bryan Brooks Greening Chemistry and Toxicology Towards Sustainable Environmental Quality
15:50 7-O-001 GEETA ARYA Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Potential of Silver Nanoparticles via Green Approach
Venue: Meeting Room 106 Host: Nicholas Gathergood, Sijin Liu
16:40 7-I-003 Haibo Xie CO2 unlocks cellulose's barriers towards a sustainable biorefinery
17:05 7-I-004 Haiyuan Zhang Safety-by-design of silver nanoparticles through electron compensation effect
17:30 7-O-003 Lu Xu Facile prepared nitrogen-doped biochar from sawdust for the rapid degradation of micropollutants through peroxymonosulfate activation
Oct 17, 2019 Session 8 Green chemical engineering and industry
Venue: Meeting Room 108 Host: Xiangping Zhang, Xiaodong Liang
14:30 8-KN-001 Pierre Barthélemy The essential contribution of the chemical industry to sustainability: a European perspective
15:00 8-I-001 Jing He Catalytic conversion of cellulose-derived platform molecules
15:25 8-I-002 Xuehui Li Catalytic depolymerisation of lignin to useful biochemicals
15:50 8-O-001 Yiping Luo Performance of aluminum sulfate on the selective hydrothermal conversion of hemicellulose to fermentation sugars with the development of a sustainable corn stover-based biorefinery
16:05 8-O-002 Dr.Saeed Qaisrani Thermochemical revamp of Agri. biomass into ethanol for Green and Sustainable Environment
Venue: Meeting Room 108 Host: Pierre Barthélemy, Xuehui Li
16:40 8-I-003 Xiaodong Liang Equation of state models for green chemical engineering
17:05 8-O-003 Shujun Li Innovative Utilization of Aromatic Components in Forest Products
17:20 8-O-004 Ahmed Mahdy Upgrading Biogas Utilization Through Desulfurization Technologies: A Step Towards Practical Application
17:35 8-O-005 Yingdong Zhou Selective hydrogenation of biodiesel related fatty acid ethyl ester to alkanes and alcohols over zirconia-supported cobalt catalyst
Oct 17, 2019 Session 9 Sustainable Chemistry in a Global Perspective
Venue: Report Hall 2 Host: Klaus Kümmerer, Haoran Li
14:30 9-KN-001 SAM ADU-KUMI Advancing Sustainable Chemistry in a Sustainable Development Context: Opportunities for National Chemicals Management in Developing Countries
15:00 9-I-001 Haoran Li Aerobic oxidation of phenols and ketones
15:25 9-I-002 Jianling Zhang Assemblies in Green Solvents
15:50 9-O-001 Lei LIU The recyclable plastics imperative in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
16:05 9-O-002 Shuanshi Fan Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Oil-field Gas Mixtures with Novel Hydrate Membranes
Venue: Report Hall 2 Host: Achim Halpaap, Jianling Zhang
16:40 9-I-003 Weize Wu Catalytic oxidation of biomass to oxygenated chemicals and supressing CO2 formation
17:05 9-O-003 Dan Yuan Heterobimetallic rare earth metal-zinc catalysts for reactions of epoxides and CO2 under ambient conditions
17:20 9-O-004 Huiyong Wang Facile liquid-phase exfoliation of BiI3 nanosheets in green solvents and their application in photodegradation of organic dyes
17:35 9-O-005 Zhenyu Yang Biomass Carbon Materials with High Capacitance and Energy Storage
Oct 18, 2019 Session 1 Green catalysis and biocatalysis
Venue: Functional Hall A Host: Adam Fraser Lee, Chen Zhao
08:30 1-KN-002 Adam Lee Catalytic cascades for sustainable chemicals and fuels
09:00 1-I-004 Weibin Fan Catalytic conversion of levulinic acid, furfural and glycerol to value-added chemicals
09:25 1-I-005 Bruno ANDRIOLETTI Sugar derived platform molecules for the development of biosourced solvents andpolymer
09:50 1-O-005 Mu-Hua Huang Functional Azo-POPs with ovel Subunits as Platforms for Heterogeneous Catalysis
10:05 1-O-006 Tao Tu NHC-Based Coordination Polymers as Atomically Dispersed Solid Catalysts towards Biomass Transformations
Venue: Functional Hall A Host: Bruno Andrioletti, Huizhen Liu
10:40 1-I-006 Huizhen Liu Highly Efficient Transformation of lignin and its Derivatives to High Value-Added Chemicals
11:05 1-O-007 Li-Wen Xu Polymer-Encapsulated Transition-metal Catalyst for Green Synthesis and Asymmetric Catalysis
11:20 1-O-008 Liangchun Li Decoration of Porous Coordination Polymers with Organocatalytic Sites for Ideal Green Catalysts
Venue: Functional Hall A Host: Yu-Fei Song, Guohua Gao
14:30 1-KN-003 Peng Wu Developing Novel Metallosilicate Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Selective Oxidations
15:00 1-I-007 Guohua Gao Swelling Acidic Poly(ionic liquid)s: Synthesis and Application for Highly Efficient Hydrolysis Reactions
15:25 1-I-008 Chen Zhao Design of a partially reduced Cu2O surface with [Cu4O] moieties for selective methanol and Dimethyl oxalate hydrogenation
15:50 1-O-009 Fangrui Zhong Sustainable Transformations of Quinone Derivatives via Biomimetic Relay Catalysis
16:05 1-O-010 Jinbo Fei Biomimetic Systems for Catalytic Bioenergy Synthesis
Venue: Functional Hall A Host: Peng Wu
16:40 1-I-009 Yu-Fei Song Structure design and catalytic performance of LDH-based materials
17:05 1-O-011 Liyun Zhang Understanding and developing light-driven enzyme-catalyzed solar fuel production
Oct 18, 2019 Session 2 Green reactions, sustainable materials and products
Venue: Grand Ballroom B Host: Ning Yan, Weimin He
08:30 2-KN-002 Janusz Pawliszyn Think Big but Design Small, a Green Analytical Chemistry Path for Next Generations
09:00 2-I-004 Shoufei Zhu Iron-Catalyzed Hydrosilylation of Alkenes and Alkynes
09:25 2-I-005 Fuwei Li Endeavours to Achieve Synergic/Relay Catalysis in Homo- and Heterogeneous Reactions
09:50 2-O-005 Ali Morsali Metal-Organic Frameworks for sustainable applications; Catalysis, Separation and Gas storage
10:05 2-O-006 Li-Biao Han Useful green process for manufacturing organophosphorus compounds: resource`s circulation and new industry
Venue: Grand Ballroom B Host: Huanfeng Jiang, Shoufei Zhu
10:40 2-I-006 Chanjuan Xi Reductive Functionalization of CO2 Coupled with the Formation of C-N, C-S, and C-C Bonds
11:05 2-O-007 Wei-Min He Clean Organic Preparation: Dual Roles of Reactants
11:20 2-O-008 AnHua Liu Alkoxy Functionalized Amines as Single-Component and Water-Lean Solvents for CO2 Capture under Post-Combustion Conditions
11:35 2-O-009 Dong-Hui Wang The exclusive ortho-selectivity in phenol compounds transformation
Venue: Grand Ballroom B Host: Elia Psillakis, Fuwei Li
14:30 2-KN-003 Ning Yan Chemicals from renewable resources
15:00 2-I-007 Jinlong Gong Fabrication of Silicon-based Photoelectrodes for Solar Fuels
15:50 2-O-010 Zehui Zhang Catalytic conversion of biomass into furan compounds, liquid fuels and amines
16:05 2-O-011 Yong Yang Engineering Nanostructured Base Metal Catalysts from Biomass for Efficient and Selective Organic Transformations
Oct 18, 2019 Session 3 Energy conversion and storage
Venue: Functional Hall B Host: Lin Zhuang, Shuangyin Wang
08:30 3-KN-002 Chuan Zhao Earth Abundant Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Energy Conversion and Storage
09:00 3-I-004 Jian Liu Nanoengineering hollow structured carbon spheres as nanoreactors for sustainable energy applications
09:25 3-I-005 Aibing Chen Confined-pyrolysis strategy for preparation of porous carbon spheres with adjustable structures and high performance of supercapacitors
09:50 3-O-005 Jing Ge CdSe quantum dots to boost change transfer and improve performance of perovskite solar cells
10:05 3-O-006 Yuxuan Li ZnO@ZIF-8 inverse opal structure photoanode for efficient quantum dots sensitized solar cells
Venue: Functional Hall B Host: Yan Yu, Jian Liu
10:40 3-I-006 Xianfeng Li Porous ion conducting membranes in flow battery technologies
11:05 3-O-007 Guangming Chen Organic/inorganic thermoelectric composites and their flexible devices
11:20 3-O-008 Zhengyou Zhu Development of PEDOT:PSS-based thermoelectric film
11:35 3-O-009 Abdul Haleem Novel type of highly porous and thermally stable positively hybrid cryogels to boost up the performance of triboelectric nanogenerators
Venue: Functional Hall B Host: Chuan Zhao, Weilin Xu
14:30 3-I-007 Shuangyin Wang Defect Chemistry of Electrocatalysts
14:55 3-I-008 Yan Yu Design Hybrid Nanocomposites as Electrode Materials for high performance Na-ion batteries
15:20 3-O-010 Fouad Al-Qaim Electrochemical treatment of metoprolol using graphite-polyvinyl chloride a composite
15:35 3-O-011 Wanying Liang The effect of carbon resources content on Mo2C catalyst preparation for jatropha oil conversion
15:50 3-O-012 Ghulam Ali Conversion of expanded waste polystyrene into valuable fuel products: their kinetics and thermodynamics
16:05 3-O-013 Qing Zhao Effect of water-carbon ratio on methane steam reforming over Ni/ZrO2 catalyst
Oct 18, 2019 Session 4 Photochemistry, photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry
Venue: Report Hall 1 Host: Dong-Pyo Kim, Zhiwei Zuo
08:30 4-KN-002 Li-Zhu Wu Artificial Photosynthetic Systems for Chemical Transformation
09:00 4-I-004 Zhaosheng Li Solar hydrogen production by photoelectrochemical water splitting
09:25 4-I-005 Jungki Ryu Enhancing kinetics of solar water oxidation via immobilization of molecular electrocatalysts using polyelectrolytes
09:50 4-O-006 Ali Ramazani Green synthesis of MgFe2O4@ZnMn2O4 magnetic nanoparticles and study of their photocatalytic activity for photodegradation of reactive blue 21 dye
10:05 4-O-007 guanghui an Organic Photocatalytic Functionalization of Strong Csp3-H Bonds Enabled by TADF Materials
10:20 coffee break
Venue: Report Hall 1 Host: Tierui Zhang, Jungki Ryu
10:40 4-I-006 Chunying Duan Confined Electron Transfer within Metal-Organic Architectures for Sustainable Catalysis
11:05 4-O-008 Liang-Qiu Lu Asymmetric Trapping of Pd-Containing Dipoles by Photogenerated Ketenes
11:20 4-O-009 Alok Jakhade Photo-responsive Bi2WO6 nanosheets as a sustainable catalyst towards one-pot synthesis of 2-substituted benzazoles
11:35 4-O-010 Dongbo Xu MOF-derived Co3O4 thin film decorated BiVO4 for enhancement of photoelectrochemical water splitting
Venue: Report Hall 1 Host: Kevin Sivula, Chunying Duan
14:30 Kenote: Dong-Pyo Kim
14:30 4-KN-003 Dong-pyo Kim Continuous-Flow Photochemical Synthesis in Different Scales of Microfluidic Reactors
15:00 4-I-007 Fa-tang Li Development and Photocatalytic Performance of Al2O3- and MgO-Based Photocatalysts
15:25 4-I-008 Zhiwei Zuo LMCT Catalysis for Selective Functionalization of Strong Bonds
15:50 4-O-011 Jian Ru Gong Interfacial Charge Transfer for Solar Water Splitting
16:05 4-O-012 Qiang Wang Multifunctional porous g-C3N4 architectures decorated by 3D TiO2 microflowers for selective dye adsorption, antibiotic degradation and CO2 reduction
16:20 coffee break
Venue: Report Hall 1 Host: Fatang Li
16:40 4-I-009 Qihua Yang Novel Conjugated Organic Polymers for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production under Visible Light Irradiation
17:05 4-O-013 Guijun Ma Development of Sm2Ti2S2O5 oxysulfide photocatalyst for visible-light-driven water splitting
17:20 4-O-014 xiaojun lv Noble Metal Free photo(electro)catalysts for water splitting
Oct 18, 2019 Session 5 Utilization of CO2
Venue: Functional Hall E Host: Shenggui He, Dagang Yu
08:30 5-KN-002 Zhimin Liu Catalytic transformation of carbon dioxide into chemicals under mild conditions
09:00 5-I-004 Thomas Werner Phosphorus-based organocatalysts in the utilization of CO2
09:25 5-I-005 Guoxiong Wang Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 over nanostructured catalysts
09:50 5-O-006 Heng Zhong Unsupported Nano Ni catalyst synthesis and its high performance for CO2/HCO3– conversion to CH4
10:05 5-O-007 Wan-Hui Wang Transformation of CO2 to formic acid and propiolic acids
Venue: Functional Hall E Host: Yuhan Sun, Thomas Werner
10:40 5-I-006 Wen-Zhen Zhang Synthesis of carbonyl-contained heterocycles using carbon dioxide as an alternative and green reagent
11:05 5-O-008 Hui Ning Controllable Synthesis of Cu/C Composites as Robust Catalysts for CO2 Electroreduction
11:20 5-O-009 yong Yang Controlled synthesis of PANI-Bi2O3 electroreduction of CO2 to ethanol
11:35 5-O-010 Mohammed Enamullah Electrochemical reduction of CO2 towards green energy using transition metal-chiral Schiff bases complexes as catalysts- a contribution towards climate change.
Venue: Functional Hall E Host: Zhimin Liu, Shenggui He
14:30 5-KN-003 Arjan Kleij Carbon Dioxide Based Heterocycles: New Concepts and Opportunities
15:00 5-I-007 Fengyu Zhao Conversion of CO2 to the functional materials
15:25 5-I-008 Da-Gang Yu CO2 utilization in organic synthesis
15:50 5-O-011 Ruipeng Li Selective synthesis of formamides, 1,2-bis(N-heterocyclic)ethanes and methylamines from cyclic amines and CO2/H2 catalyzed by ionic liquid-Pd/C system
16:05 5-O-012 Renhua Qiu Photocatalyst-free Synthesis of Indazolones under CO2 Atmosphere
Venue: Functional Hall E Host: Arjan Kleij, Fengyu Zhao
16:40 5-I-009 Shenggui He Coupling of Carbon Dioxide and Methane by Gas-Phase Ions
17:05 5-O-013 Fangfang Li Solar thermal electrochemical process (STEP) for CO2 capture and conversion
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 5-P-001 Xintong Yuan Ultrathin PdAu Shells with Controllable Alloying Degree on Pd Nanocubes towards Carbon Dioxide Reduction
12:30 5-P-002 Yingju Yang Active Sites and Reaction Mechanism of CO2 Conversion into CH4 over Rh-supported Catalyst
12:30 5-P-003 Yun-Lei Teng Highly selective and efficient reduction of CO2 to methane by activated alkaline earth metal hydrides without a catalyst
12:30 5-P-004 Mohammad Taghi Falahati Preparation of Balangu (Lallemantia royleana) seed mucilage aerogels loaded with paracetamol by supercritical CO2 technology
12:30 5-P-005 Kai Liu One-pot synthesis of dimethyl carbonate under low pressure
12:30 5-P-006 Fei Chen Binuclear copper complexes/DBU catalyst system for the synthesis of 2-oxazolidinones from propargylic amines and atmospheric CO2
12:30 5-P-007 Guo Liping Metal β-diketonate complexes as highly efficient catalysts for chemical fixation of CO2 in mild conditions
12:30 5-P-008 Liang Hou Silver Modified Highly Porous Copper for the Selective Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Ethylene
12:30 5-P-009 Zhimin Sun Design of 3D g-C3N4 foam supported Cu2O-NPs composites with hierarchical structures for enhanced Photocatalytic CO2 reduction
12:30 5-P-010 Xing He Photocatalysis strategy for CO2 valorization
12:30 5-P-011 Muthuramalingam Sethuraman Fixation and Utilization of Atmospheric CO2 by Bioinspired Copper(II) Complexes
12:30 5-P-012 Jia Liu Photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction by an Au coated Cu2O–Cu2S electrode under visible light
12:30 5-P-013 Zhiqiang Guo Alkali-metal organoaluminate complexes as catalysts for the conversion of CO2 into cyclic carbonates
12:30 5-P-014 Li Li Effect of Si promoter on Ni/ZrO2 catalyst for Methanation of carbon dioxide
12:30 5-P-015 Jinrong Yang Influence of K+, Na+, and Li+ on Preparation of CaCO3 Crystals by CO2 Atomization
12:30 5-P-016 Jikuan Qiu Imidazolium Salts Functionalized Covalent Organic Frameworks for Highly Efficient Catalysis of CO2 Conversion
12:30 5-P-017 Jiaxin Zhang Lipase-mediated epoxidation of alkenes in supercritical carbon dioxide
12:30 5-P-018 yong zou Copper-Catalyzed C−H Carbamoyloxylation of Aryl Carboxamides with CO2 and Amines at Ambient Conditions
12:30 5-P-019 Yanfei Zhao Rose bengal-functionalized porous organic polymer for carboxylative cyclization of propargyl alcohols with CO2
12:30 5-P-020 Wenfang Xiong Palladium-catalyzed cascade reaction of carbon dioxide, amines and allenes: substrate-controlled regioselectivity switch
12:30 5-P-021 Huan Wang Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to C2-C4 hydrocarbons catalyzed by Pd(PtBu3)2-FeCl2 with ionic liquid as a cocatalyst
12:30 5-P-022 Chaorong Qi Direct Synthesis of Organic Carbamates from Carbon Dioxide
12:30 5-P-023 Qiang Zhang MOF-derived cobalt-nitrogen-doped carbon microctahedron for efficient electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to formate
12:30 5-P-024 Dejin ZANG Decorated fragmented Copper cubes with Mo8 clusters toward highly selective electrochemical reduction of CO2 into acetate
12:30 5-P-025 Zhonghao Tan Willow Leaf-like CuO Supported on Nitrogen Doped Graphene as Robust Catalyst for CO2 Electroreduction to Ethylene
12:30 5-P-026 XIN HUANG Highly selective electroreduction of CO2 into CO over ordered mesoporous carbon confined Pb-PbO composites
12:30 5-P-027 Ying Wang Synthesis of higher carboxylic acids from ethers, CO2 and H2
12:30 5-P-028 Jingjing Zhang Synthesis of acetamides using CO2, methanol, H2 and amines
12:30 5-P-029 ZHAO-TIE LIU Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to light hydrocarbons over a Ni-Zr bimetallic catalyst in aqueous solution
Oct 18, 2019 Session 6 Bioresources and utilization of biomass
Venue: Grand Ballroom A Host: Vania Zuin, Shicheng Zhang
08:30 6-KN-002 Yves Queneau Bio-based fine chemicals from sugars and platform molecules
09:00 6-I-004 Yao Fu Sustainable Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Carboxylic Acids
09:25 6-I-005 Manuel Algarra Valorization of Biomass to Obtain Nanoparticles Sensing and Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Carbon Dots
09:50 6-O-004 Ning Li Synthesis of renewable polyacids with pinacol and unsaturated carboxylic acids/or aldehydes
10:05 6-O-005 Lingzhao Kong Hydrothermal Catalysis to Valorize Biomass into Add-Value Chemicals: Strategy and Mechanism
Venue: Grand Ballroom A Host: Rui Xiao, Manuel Algarra
10:40 6-I-006 Carol Sze Ki Lin Recent trends in Green and Sustainable Chemistry: Rethinking plastic and textile wastes in a circular economy
11:05 6-O-006 Yang Li Research around Hydrogen Release and Beyond
11:20 6-O-007 Feng Liu Bio-based polymers derivated from several aromatic or alicyclic biomass small molecules
11:35 6-O-008 Wu Xiaoxia Effect of acid-metal balance of bifunctional Pt/Beta catalysts on vapor phase hydrodeoxygenation of m-cresol
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 6-P-001 Huiying Zeng New tactic to slice 4-O-5 linkage in lignin models: palladium-catalyzed formal cross-coupling of diaryl ethers with amines and ammonia
12:30 6-P-002 Yao-Bing Huang Solvent promoted 2-methytetrahydrofuran synthesis from biomass derived levulinic acid/esters over bimetallic Copper-Nickle catalyst
12:30 6-P-003 Ying Zhang Direct chemocatalytic conversion of cellulose to ethanol or diols
12:30 6-P-004 Yagang Zhang Preparation of Porous Carbon Material based plant biomass and Its Performance Study
12:30 6-P-005 Yang Cao Microwave assisted depolymerization of various types of waste lignin over two-dimensional CuO/BCN catalysts
12:30 6-P-006 Cheng-Mei Liu Bio-massed based poly(vinyl benzoxazine): a novel reactive polymer derived from lignin derivatives
12:30 6-P-007 huifang ren One-pot conversion of carbohydrates into γ-valerolactone under the coordination of heteropoly acid based ionic liquid and Ru/ZrO2 in water media
12:30 6-P-008 Yanxia Liu Synthesis and Process Optimization of 22-carbon Tricarboxylic Acid via Diels-Alder Reaction
12:30 6-P-009 Mateus Lodi Segatto Designing green and sustainable biorefinery models using fruit waste in Brazil: chemometrics for the extraction of valuable chemicals
12:30 6-P-010 Ruiling Li Selective hydrothermal conversion of hemicellulose in corn cob to xylose in NaCl/Fe2(SO4)3-H2O system
12:30 6-P-011 Yue Wang Torrefaction of AlCl3 Pretreated Pubescens at 80 ℃─the Effect of AlCl3
12:30 6-P-012 Yuan Xiao One-Pot Chemocatalytic Conversion of glucose to Methyl Lactate Over In/γ-Al2O3 Catalyst
12:30 6-P-013 Tengfei Wang Persulfate assisted hydrothermal processing for enhanced nitrogen removal from spirulina
12:30 6-P-014 Tianjie Ao Towards zero waste: A valorization route of washing separation and liquid hot water consecutive pretreatment to achieve solid vinasse based biorefinery
12:30 6-P-015 MUDASIR AKBAR SHAH Functional and Chemical Properties of Bio-oil produced from Biomass Residues
12:30 6-P-016 wenli wang Effect of Ni(NO3)2 Solution Pretreatment on the Pyrolysis Behavior of Lignin-derived from Corncob Residue
12:30 6-P-017 Yichen Liu Effect of MgCl2 Solution Pretreatment on Pubescen Conversion
12:30 6-P-018 Qianshi Song A general model of char reactivity under kinetic reaction zone
12:30 6-P-019 Liangfang ZHU Solvent effect on the formation of humins via degradative polymerization in the initial stage of fructose dehydration
12:30 6-P-020 Huaqing Yang Molecular mechanism insight into the conversion of glucose into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural catalyzed by Nb-MCM-41
12:30 6-P-021 Yexin Hu Effect of phase modifiers in NaCl-H2O/THF biphasic solvent on the dehydration of fructose to 5-hydroxylmethylfurfural
12:30 6-P-022 Shuai Fu Catalytic Mechanism of the Deoxidation of Propionic Acid over Ni12P6 Cluster
12:30 6-P-023 Hitesh Kumar Singh In situ polypyrrole modified jute isolated cellulose nanocrystals as adsorbents for removal of Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solution
12:30 6-P-024 djomdi DJOMDI Purification and Valorization of Waste Cotton Seed Oil as an Alternative Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
12:30 6-P-025 Liming He Selective oxidation of gluconic sodium to glucaric acid over carbon-supported Pt catalysts
12:30 6-P-026 CHANDRA BHUSHAN TRIVENI PAL Antibacterial and Antioxidant activities of Onion (Allium cepa L.) Peel extracts produced by Choline chloride/Urea Deep Eutectic Mixture using Microwave Assisted Extraction
12:30 6-P-027 mostafa mahrouz Optimization of Polyphenols Extraction from Olive Leaves (Olea europeaea L., Picholine Variety)
12:30 6-P-028 Muhammad Mohsin Effects of Bisphosphonic Acid (N10O) on the Growth and Phytoremediation potential of Salix schwerinii Grown in contaminated Soil
12:30 6-P-029 MD AZIZUL HAQUE Massive deconstruction of typical lignocellulose coir, areca, banana, and ICR-cotton fibers recalcitrant structure with a newly made bacterial consortium
12:30 6-P-030 Jiang Li Nitrogen-Doping Facilitated Iron-Catalyzed Hydrogenation/Hydrodeoxygenation of Biomass-derived Oxygenates
12:30 6-P-031 NWORIE FELIX Removal of Methylene blue from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Rice Husk Biochar: Adsorption Isotherms, Kinetics and Error analysis
12:30 6-P-032 Yanru Zhang Mechanistic insights on the role of NaCl during fructose dehydration in water
12:30 6-P-033 Bo Zhang Depolymerization of lignin to aromatics and fuels catalyzed by rhenium-based catalysts
12:30 6-P-034 Francisco Franco Jr. Green synthesis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using a highly aqueous binary solvent system from simple sugars and waste coffee grounds
12:30 6-P-035 Kulbir Singh Sequestration of heavy metals from petroleum refinery effluent by active carbon adsorbents precursor to rice husk and sugarcane bagasse
12:30 6-P-036 EZZOUHRA ELMAAIDEN Phytochemical composition of ziziphus as potential source for inhibiting cholinesterase and β-amyloid aggregation: Significance to Alzheimer's disease
12:30 6-P-037 Xian Zhang Synthesis of pyridine bases from ethanol, methanol and ammonia over micro-mesoporous Zn-OH/HZSM-5 catalyst
12:30 6-P-038 Kai Yan Eco-friendly catalytic conversion of biomass-derived monomers into biofuels using metal catalysts
12:30 6-P-039 Chao Zhang Hydrogenolysis of biomass to value-added polyols and diols
12:30 6-P-040 HONGXIA FANG A comprehensive detection and identification for the real lignin depolymerization products
12:30 6-P-041 RAHUL CHANDRA MISHRA Anti-oxidative Bioactive Compounds in Extracts of terrestrial Endophytic Fungus Aspergillus terreus NA 1
12:30 6-P-042 Huacong Zhou Activation effect of solvents on novel hafnium-graphite oxide catalyst for Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reaction and mechanism analysis
12:30 6-P-043 Sang Jun Jeong Effects of antibiotics on the yield of biodiesel after biological treatment of livestock urine and manure containing antibiotics using microalgae
12:30 6-P-044 Jungmin KIM Nutrient removal and membrane fouling and flow rate correlation assessment using membrane photoauto bioreactor
12:30 6-P-045 Hongjun Zang Efficient conversion of N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine into nitrogen-containing compound 3-acetylamino-5-acetylfuran using amino acid ionic liquid as the recycling agent
12:30 6-P-046 Hongjun Zang Efficient conversion of N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine into nitrogen-containing compound 3-acetylamino-5-acetylfuran using amino acid ionic liquid as the recycling agent
12:30 6-P-047 Satyen Mondal Translocation of Nonstructural Carbohydrate from Germination to Maturity Stage in Rice under Flooding Condition
12:30 6-P-048 Cuiqing Zhou γ-Valerolactone synthesis from biomass-derived levulinic acid and formic acid catalysed by Au-Ni/ZrO2 catalyst
12:30 6-P-049 Wei Ding Depolymerization of chitosan for its application in the reinforcement of leather tanned by biomass-derived polyaldehyde
12:30 6-P-050 Rumi Park The kinetics on removal of microcystin (LR, RR, and YR) and concentrated green algal biomass by a non-thermal plasma
12:30 6-P-051 Mi Feng A simple and effective preparation of sodium alginate with natural choline-based deep eutectic solvents from kelp
12:30 6-P-052 TINGTING ZHANG Investigation of pyrolysis mechanisms for hardwood, softwood and kraft lignin by reactive molecular dynamic simulations
12:30 6-P-053 BELHAKEM MOSTEFA Comparative study of adsorption capacity of Activated Carbons Prepared from Seawater Algae and TiO2 immobilized on activated carbon
12:30 6-P-054 Ying Xiong Novel chitosan-based ions imprinted bio-adsorbent for enhanced adsorption of gallium(III) in acidic solution
12:30 6-P-055 Jing Fang The molecular design and Experimental study on the catalytic cleavage of linkages in lignin with binuclear ionic liquid
12:30 6-P-056 Qinglei Meng Self-supported hydrogenolysis of aromatic ethers to arenes
12:30 6-P-057 Prahlad rai vyas Conceptual crop survival Water harvesting from air by Leptadenia pyrotechnica extract in Thar Desert, Rajasthan
12:30 6-P-058 JOSEPH MWITI MARANGU Effects of Wood Ash on Performance of Blended Cement
12:30 6-P-059 Sol Yang The possibility of biofuel production by inhibiting organic matter removal using wastewater treated microalgal biomass
Venue: Grand Ballroom A Host: Yao Fu, Aiqin Wang
14:30 6-KN-003 Changwei Hu Stereoselective production of D-lactic acid directly from raw biomass via chemocatalysis
15:00 6-I-007 Rui Xiao Autoignition characteristics of tri-propylene glycol mono-methyl ether (TPGME) in a motored engine and a constant-volume combustion chamber
15:25 6-I-008 Longlong Ma Direct cellulose hydrogenolysis to ethanol and other oxygenated chemicals over Ni covered by carbon layers catalysts
15:50 6-I-009 Kosuke Kuroda Cellulose meets biocompatible solvents: one-pot ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass
16:05 6-O-009 Xi Chen One-step synthesis of N-heterocyclic compounds from carbohydrates over tungsten-based catalysts
Venue: Grand Ballroom A Host: Longlong Ma, Carol S. K. Lin
16:40 6-I-010 Aiqin Wang Catalyst design towards the selective cleavage of C-C and C-O bonds in biomass
17:05 6-O-010 Jin DENG Selective hydrodeoxygenation of biomass platform molecules to high value-added chemicals
17:20 6-O-011 martial Toffano Biosourced catalysts for asymmetric metal-catalysis and organocatalysis
Oct 18, 2019 Session 7 Sustainable chemistry in the environment and health
Venue: Meeting Room 106 Host: Bryan W. Brooks, Chunying Chen
08:30 7-KN-002 Chunying Chen A Safe-by-Design Strategy towards Safe and Sustainable Development of Nanomedicine
09:00 7-I-005 Peng Mi Polymeric nanomedicines for tumor targeted therapy
09:25 7-I-006 Suping Li Development of Reconfigurable DNA-origami Nanorobot for Targeting Delivery of Clinically Hemostatic Drug Thrombin to Tumour Vessels for Tumour Infarction
09:50 7-O-004 Yi Wang Porous MoS2 Nanoflower-mediated Hydrogel as Antibacterial Photothermal Hotspots for Enhanced Solar-driven Interfacial Water Evaporation
Venue: Meeting Room 106 Host: Peng Mi, Suping Li
10:40 7-I-007 Chuncheng Chen Application of in-situ IR Spectroscopy in the Photocatalytic mechanism study
11:05 7-O-006 samina siddiqui Nano-bioremediation: A technique towards sustainable health of soil
11:20 7-O-007 Zuliang Chen Green synthesis of iron nanoparticles by plant extracts and used for the removal of contaminants
Venue: Meeting Room 106 Host: Zhanjun Gu, Zhenzhong Yang
14:30 7-KN-003 Rafael Luque Benign-by-design catalytic materials and processes for a more sustainable future
15:00 7-I-008 Zhenzhong Yang Amphiphilic Janus materials for oily sewage treatment
15:25 7-I-009 Zhanjun Gu Design and fabrication of inorganic nanoparticles for smart radiotheapy enhancement
15:50 7-O-008 Jiandong Zhuang TiO2/RGO/Alginate composite aerogels for oil/water separation with high-efficient, renewable and long-term performance
16:05 7-O-009 Shuwen Li Template method for synthesizing ultra-small layer interlaced structure BN for CO2 adsorption
Venue: Meeting Room 106 Host: Chuncheng Chen
16:40 7-O-010 Zhengming Tang Low VOC/Low Odor Polyurethane Foams for Automotive Applications
16:55 7-O-011 Huhu Cheng Graphene-based functional architectures for solar steam generation system toward clean water production
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 7-P-001 Chao Xiao PdO/zeolite catalyst by room temperature ozone-assisted preparation and catalytic performance for methane combustion
12:30 7-P-002 Aliyu Umar Lethal Dose Determination in Some Commonly Consumed Herbal Medicines in Kano State, Nigeria.
12:30 7-P-003 Akram Yasin Exploration of Hg2+ adsorption mechanism by nitrogen groups and C=S bonds
12:30 7-P-004 Jiankun Cao Nanofibers Mat as Sampling Module of Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry for developing a high-throughput and environmentally friendly screening method
12:30 7-P-005 Hongyi Zhang Ternary deep eutectic solvents based aqueous two-phase system extraction of synthetic pigments in candies and beverages followed by high-performance capillary electrophoresis
12:30 7-P-006 Mohsin Siddique Green synthesis of cobalt oxide nanoparticles using Citrus Medica leaves extract: Characterization and photo-catalytic activity
12:30 7-P-007 Daili Peng Prediction of toxicity of Ionic Liquids towards the leukemia rat cell line based on GC-COSMO method
12:30 7-P-009 long zhou A New Hybrid Fe@ZIF-8 Used for Selective Adsorption and Reduction of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution
12:30 7-P-010 HAO SUN Preparation of nano-calcium carbonate by DNA in biomimetic mineralization
12:30 7-P-011 Yong Wang Fe(II) ion, Molecular structure, Terpyridine, Electronic absorption spectroscopy, Fluorescent spectroscopy
12:30 7-P-012 Han Luo Prepare of albumin nanoparticles by Fenton reaction: a simple, efficient and environmentally friendly method
12:30 7-P-013 jun ou Synthesis pH-sensitive-Up-conversion GAP(Cyclic oligosaccharide) nanocarriers-as drug carriers and imaging via host-guest interactions
12:30 7-P-014 Ulyana Kuzmina Isolation and biological activity of propolis flavonoids from wild hive bees Apis mellifera mellifera of Bashkortostan
12:30 7-P-015 Mohammad Afzal Hossain Solar power operated paddy thresher and winnower: An Environment Friendly Technology
12:30 7-P-016 Dr. Abdul Jabbar Kandhro A Base Line Survey on Status of Quality of Drinking Water Resources and its Contaminants of the District Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh, Pakistan
12:30 7-P-017 Qian Li Preparation and catalytic activity of biomass based hydrogel-nanometal composites for simultaneous chloramphenicol degradation and hydrogen production
12:30 7-P-018 Li Mengwen The selective and sensitive detection of formaldehyde using zinc-based metal organic frameworks
12:30 7-P-019 Hao Xiaohui Luminescent zirconium metal-organic framework for removing and detecting NO2- in food and water
12:30 7-P-020 Islam Abdelhafeez One-pot template-free synthesis of ultrathin edge-activated carbon nitride nanosheets: The role of wet atmosphere for enhanced photocatalytic activity
12:30 7-P-021 Mahdy Hamed Direct application of glauconite as Alternative source for release potassium in Sandy Soils, New Valley, Egypt
Oct 18, 2019 Session 8 Green chemical engineering and industry
Venue: Meeting Room 108 Host: Xinbin Ma, Tianlong Deng
08:30 8-KN-002 Qing Wu Green and efficient utilization technologies for CO2-rich natural gas
09:00 8-I-004 Xinbin Ma Nano-structured Cu-based catalysts for efficient conversion of syngas to oxygenated compounds
09:25 8-I-005 Congmin Wang Gas Capture and Utilization by Anion-functionalized Ionic Liquids
09:50 8-O-006 Hee-Jeong Choi Utilization of Anaerobic Acid Fermentation of Fish by-products for sludge reduction and biogas production in anaerobic co-digestion process
10:05 8-O-007 Shuang Gao Reaction-controlled phase transfer catalysis for epoxidation of allyl chloride
Venue: Meeting Room 108 Host: Qing Wu, Congmin Wang
10:40 8-I-006 Tianlong Deng Lithium green recovery technology from geothermal resources by polyporous ion-sieve composites
11:05 8-O-008 Haneef Rehman Encapsulation of Pectinase Within Polyacrylamide and Characterization It’s Catalytic Properties for Continuous industrial uses
11:20 8-O-009 Jianguo Liu Towards environmentally friendlier cross-coupling reactions using facile synthesis Pd-COF catalyst
Venue: Public Area on Second Floor
12:30 8-P-001 Zhaohua Ren Amino sulfonate amphoteric surfacatants synthesized by grease from natural products
12:30 8-P-002 Jian-Bo Chen Dissolution of LLM-105 in deep eutectic solvents
12:30 8-P-003 JinMeng Fan Treatment of Acid Red 73 wastewater by an RSR-BCR tandem process
12:30 8-P-004 Zezhou Huang Preconcentration and characteristics of several common heavy metals in sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plant
12:30 8-P-005 Baokun Tang Amine based deep eutectic solvents with bifunctions of anti-bacteria and adsorption dye for the wastewater treatment
12:30 8-P-006 Dongmei He Novel extractant based on pyridine: synthesis, extraction behaviors and mechanism
12:30 8-P-007 James Comerford Novel green solvent systems for enhanced plastics recycling
12:30 8-P-008 Xu Xiang Mechanistic studies on selective oxidation of toluene coupled with photoelectrochemical water splitting
12:30 8-P-009 HyunMin An Integration of submerged membrane filtration and cold plasma to treat high-strength livestock urine and manure
12:30 8-P-010 Ning Li Ballistospore Mushrooms Inspired Ballistic Jumping
12:30 8-P-011 SOOYOUNG SUNG Reduction and detoxification of sulfonamide antibiotics in livestock wastewater using two species of microalgae
12:30 8-P-012 pengtao fang Use POM anion-based ILs As High Performans Catalyst for Waste PET Alcoholysis
Venue: Meeting Room 108 Host: Youquan Deng, Bao-Hua Xu,
14:30 8-KN-003 Xiangping Zhang Ionic liquid-based green processes for environmental protect and resource recovery
15:00 8-I-007 YOUQUAN DENG Non-phosgene technology R&D for isocyanates manufcturing
15:25 8-I-008 Yaobing Wang Zn-CO2 batteries
15:50 8-I-009 Bao-Hua Xu Confinement of Brønsted acidic ionic liquids into covalent organic frameworks as catalyst for dehydrative formation of isosorbide
16:15 8-O-010 Ge-Xia Wang Seawater-degradable polymers –the present and future
16:30 8-O-011 Hui Wang Extraction of Artemisinin with Water Solution: An Alternative Medicament
Oct 18, 2019 Session 9 Sustainable Chemistry in a Global Perspective
Venue: Report Hall 2 Host: Sam Adu-Kumi , Jianji Wang
08:30 9-KN-002 Jianji Wang Functional ionic liquids for sustainable chemistry
09:00 9-I-004 Xingmei Lu Utilization of Chitin from shrimp shells with ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents
09:25 9-I-005 Haihong Wu Highly tunable functionalized ordered mesoporous polymers as novel heterogeneous catalysts for efficient carbon dioxide fixation
09:50 9-O-006 Kamlesh Kumar Pathak Developing Chemical Safe Narrative for 2030 and Beyond
10:05 9-O-007 Zhihong Shi Hydrophobicity-switchable deep eutectic solvent-based effervescence-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction with solidification of floating droplet for HPLC determination of anthraquinones in Cassiae Semen tea infusion
Venue: 2号报告厅
12:30 9-P-001 Cailing Wu Catalytic Hydrogenation of Levulinic Acid to γ-valerolactone under Mild Conditions
12:30 9-P-002 fanyu zhang CO2/Water Emulsion for Synthesizing Mesoporous CN Material
12:30 9-P-003 cheng xiuyan Incorporation of Cu into Zr-MOF for High-performance Photocatalytic Oxidization of Benzylamine to N-benezylbenzaldimine under Mild Conditions
12:30 9-P-004 Kelei Zhuo Graphene prepared by sulfonated asphalt-assisted liquid phase exfoliation for anticorrosion of aluminum
12:30 9-P-005 Jinliang Song Efficient transfer hydrogenolytic cleavage of aromatic ether bonds over Ru/hydroxyapatite
12:30 9-P-006 Bernard Baffour Asare Bediako Ru-Catalyzed Methanol Homologation with CO2 and H2 in Ionic Liquid
15:50 9-P-007 Lifei Liu Supercritical CO2 produces TiO2/COF heterojunction for high-performance hydrogen evolution
Venue: Report Hall 2 Host: Xingmei Lu, Kelei Zhuo
10:40 9-I-006 Yanlong Gu Catalytically functionalized ionic liquids for minimizing the use of dipolar and aprotic solvents in organic reactions
11:05 9-O-008 Qing-Wen Song Atomic zinc dispersed graphene for catalytic CO2 fixation to cyclic carbonates
11:20 9-O-009 Li Wang Influence of interactions among ionic liquids on the catalytic activity
11:35 9-O-010 Xuehui Liu Chemical recycling of epoxy resin into hydrophobic modifier of melamine foam for high-efficiency oil absorption
Venue: Report Hall 2 Host: Haihong Wu, Yanlong Gu
14:30 9-KN-003 Achim Halpaap The Global Chemicals Outlook-II and Advancing Green and Sustainable Chemistry Globally
15:00 9-I-007 Tiancheng Mu Eutectic Liquids
15:25 9-I-008 Qingli Qian Synthesis of liquid fuel via direct hydrogenation of CO2
15:50 9-O-011 Aylon Matheus Stahl Green and yellow sustainable chemistry education: an experience from Brazil
16:05 9-O-012 Zhiyong Li Reversible mulsification and demulsification for azobenzene ionic liquid-based emulsions by light irradiation
Venue: Report Hall 2 Host: Tiancheng Mu, Qingli Qian
16:40 Reaxys Helps Scientists Explore the Frontiers of Green, Peng Wu, Elsevier, Netherland
17:05 9-O-013 Qinggong Zhu Dendritic Cu-Cu2O prepared from electrosynthesized Cu-complex: Efficient catalyst for electrochemical reduction of CO2 to C2 products
17:20 9-O-014 Ji-Jun Zou Synthesis of High-Density Jet-Fuel-Ranged Hydrocarbons using Biomass-Derived Feedstock
Oct 19, 2019 Plenary Lectures (II) & Closing Ceremony
Venue: Grand Ballroom Host: Klaus Kümmerer/ Li-Zhu Wu
08:30 PL-001 Paul Anastas The Periodic Table of the Elements of Green and Sustainable Chemistry
09:10 PL-002 Suojiang Zhang Ionic Liquids and Green Technology Innovation
09:50 PL-003 Shu Kobayashi Development of Green Catalyst Systems in Synthetic Organic Chemistry Toward Sustainable Society
10:30 PL-004 Buxing Han Conversion of Biomass and CO2 into Value-added Chemicals and Fuels
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