Abstract Submission

Green China 2019 would like to invite leading researchers, students and scientists interested in the Green and Sustainable Chemistry, to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the conference on the following topics by July 31 2019.

Opening Ceremony & Plenary Lectures (I)
Chair:Prof. Adam Lee, Prof. Peng Wu
Subtopics:Heterogeneous catalysis; integration of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis; new catalytic reaction systems; nanocatalysis; biocatalysis for clean synthesis.
Chair:Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn; Prof. Liang-Nian He
Subtopics:Green reactions with high atom economy; green reaction protocols and routes; reaction in green solvent; intensification of reaction by microwaves and ultrasound; green chemicals and materials
Chair:Prof. Lin Zhuang
Subtopics:Fuel cell catalysis; battery materials; ion conducting materials; electrochemical devices and technology; computational study of electrochemical processes.
Chair:Prof. Li-Zhu Wu
Subtopics:Solar energy conversion; water splitting to produce hydrogen and oxygen; nitrogen fixation; photochemistry and photoelectrochemistry for chemical transformation and synthesis.
Chair:Prof. Arjan Kleij; Prof. Zhimin Liu
Subtopics:Transformation of CO2 into chemicals, materials, and fuels; utilization of supercritical CO2 as green solvent in various processes.
Chair:Prof. Vania Zuin; Prof. Changwei Hu
Subtopics:Conversion of total biomass; conversion of hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin, starch;conversion of biomass-derived small molecular compounds to value-added chemicals and/or energy materials.
Chair:Prof. Nicholas Gathergood; Prof. Yuliang Zhao
Subtopics:Greener production of nanomaterials; biomedical effects, nanosafety and chemical mechanism of nanomaterials; environmental applications of nanomaterials; biomedical applications of nanomaterials; ethical, legal and social issues of nanotechnology.
Chair:Prof. P. Barthelemy; Prof. Suojiang Zhang
Subtopics:Fundamental researches for chemical engineering related with green chemistry; Integration of green units; chemical process intensification; application of green processes and technologies.
Chair:Prof.Klaus Kümmerer; Prof. Jianji Wang
Subtopics:Frontier in green and sustainable chemistry; the role of sustainable chemistry in the UN SDGs; Approaches to international chemicals management; sustainable chemistry and economy; education of sustainable chemistry.
Plenary Lectures (II) & Closing Ceremony


Guideline and Rules:

The deadline of abstract submission is July 31, 2019
Authors should ensure that the topic is relevant and important to the chosen session and topics of the conference.

Abstracts must be prepared in the template format as provided (Download the Abstract Template.(info)) , and submitted online. Please click here(require login) to submit abstract.

Once the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors must register for the conference and present the paper at the conference.

Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the abstract system which will be distributed to all registered conference participants.


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